Deluxe Porta Potties

deluxe portable restroom at an out door eventDeluxe porta potties are flushable portable toilets. They are bigger than the standard portable toilets thanks to the extra features they possess. They mostly come with a handwashing station, a mirror, side urinal and or a baby changing station. They are similar in appearance to standard units, just that they are larger and well-spaced. They can, therefore, serve both corporate and social functions. They are also preferred by parents with small children thanks to the fully functional changing stations.

Deluxe porta potty is a better upgrade to the standard units, which come devoid of a sink or a changing station. These units eliminate most of the common issues raised by people using portable restrooms. They can also be rented with the regular portable toilets in case one needs multiple bathroom solutions, making them the most common portable bathroom rental options for different events that bring together several people.


This portable restroom unit has several features that make it comfortable and suitable for a number of applications. Let’s take a look at some of the features:


Safety is of the essence when visiting a toilet. You will end up spilling water when cleaning your hands, which predisposes you to a fatal fall. These units, therefore, have anti-slip floors to keep users and occupants safe.


These portable toilets have a better design than the standard options. Deluxe porta potties have a gracious interior shelving, coat hook, and a small mirror where you can groom yourself. There also exist full ventilation slots to keep the rooms aerated. The roofs are made translucent to offer indirect lighting for users. In case you want to rent out the unit for your team, you get a hasp, secure lock, and keys to keep the unit locked. The design, therefore, targets your safety, security, and comfort.


Deluxe porta potties are big enough. They have an 85 cubic foot interior to fit in all the features and added amenities. The standard range of width is normally 44-47 inches. Height ranges from 89-91 inches, and the holding tank capacity measures 60-70 gallons.

Optional features

Some of the optional features include an alcohol-based sanitizer to kill germs and bacteria. You can also get a solar lighting system in case you are hosting a night-time event. People in high wind areas get stabilizing stakes to keep the restroom fixed to the ground. Lastly, there are disposable seat covers that offer an added barrier to different germs and bacteria.


Deluxe porta potties can be used in a range of events. Some of the most common include food festivals which bring together several people. Others include disaster relief areas and backyard parties. Since most options come with a hand-based sanitizer, this unit can be used in interactive events, which require super clean hands. It also serves events attended by parents with small children thanks to the fully functional changing stations.

These units can also be used in different events to supplement standard porta-potties. You can contact us if you need porta potties services in Cleveland or any other state.