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USS Cod Submarine Memorial

USS Cod Submarine Memorial in Cleveland Ohio is situated on the shores of Lake Erie. It is the location where the Cleveland Class Submarine was commissioned. The memorial offers visitors a chance to visit the sub as well as view historical information on its history. This historic ship that served during World War II is still active today and is featured on many national television programs.

The USS Cod Submarine Memorial is a memorial for the brave sailors and men of World War II who served on the USS Cod, a Gato class submarine, while it was at sea and participated in the Battle of Japan. USS Cod was a great submarine that was built as a result of over one hundred years of research into submarine construction, the best in the world at that time and it was one of the finest submarines ever built, a true giant!

USS Cod was a Class G submersible submarine, which was commissioned by the United States in December of 1944. Cod’s mission was to destroy German submarines before they could attack the Allied shipping lanes. During World War II, Cod served during the invasion of Europe as well as the invasion of Japan. After the war the vessel was used for reconnaissance missions. When the war was over the Submarine became a part of Operation Tomodachi and was used to mine for oil. These tasks continued until 1969 when Cod became part of the US Navy reserve.

USS Cod was built by the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics and was commissioned in November of 1945. Cod was originally designed for speed but later upgraded to increase its endurance. Cod later served in the Persian Gulf, where it was involved in the Gulf of Tonkin incident. The vessel was also involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis.

During the 1960s, Cod was involved in several underwater operations including the rescue of four hostages from the Iranian hostage crisis. It also participated in the Vietnam War. Over time, Cod lost most of its operational capabilities. In the 1980s it was decommissioned and sold to the United Kingdom. This was part of Operation Sea Gate in which the Submarine was decommissioned and the US Navy then sold it off to the British. Cod spent several years at the Devonport naval base in England.

USS Cod was damaged by a bomb in the Gulf of Tonkin. Its hull was severely damaged and it took a few months to repair. In that period of time Cod was unable to train new crews and lost most of its crew. It was later sold off to a company in Canada and renamed the USS Ramey.

The USS Cod memorial is a perfect place to view history as it sits on the shores of Lake Erie. Visitors can watch as the vessel is lowered into the water and a guided tour through the interior. They are allowed to see the vessel while it docks at one of several dock stations. The ship also has an observation deck that provides great views of Lake Erie. You can view many exhibits to see on the history of Cod and the United States navy from this location.

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