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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Cleveland is an important Ohio city, it is an amazing destination for those who are looking for the perfect combination between the Middle West and the pleasures offered by a cosmopolitan city. In this place, it is possible to find tourist attractions that have nothing to envy to those you could get in larger cities like New York, one of these is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

This museum is one of Cleveland’s most popular tourist attractions; this has remained so since it first opened in 1995. It has seven floors where you will find important elements for Rock & Roll, among these, are record art, prizes, guitars, costumes, lyrics, and thousands of other artifacts that tell a story.

The reason this museum is located in Cleveland and not in big cities is that many of the early Rock & Roll were precisely here when disc jockey Alan Freed started giving it this name in the 1950s. Also, the receptivity on the part of the visitors was so incredible that it was not considered moving it elsewhere ever. Without a doubt, this is a place you have to visit when traveling to Cleveland.

The museum and its seven floors dedicated to Rock & Roll.

In each of the seven floors contained in this building, you will find important elements for music, below we give you some information that you can find on this tour.

  1. Ground floor: you will find the main gallery of the museum that is dedicated to those who were an important part of the beginning of rock & roll, also exhibits about the music that was part of the 50s and complete the level with two theaters where documentaries related to the origins of rock and roll are screened.
  2. First floor: it is an ideal space for performances or events and complements with a section that is dedicated to contemporary artists.
  3. Second floor: it has an interactive space where visitors will be able to listen to some songs from the large collection with which they have, you will also find a space dedicated to the evolution of the techniques that have existed to record and reproduce.
  4. Third floor: it is a space dedicated to all the artists who were included in the Hall of Fame.

The rest of their plants usually have temporary exhibits, so far they have put some dedicated women in rock and the story about great artists like The Rolling Stones or Elvis Presley.

Tips for your first visit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

  • Buy your tickets in advance: It is estimated that at least half a million people visit this place a year, so buying tickets in time will save you the big lines.
  • Enjoy every detail: enjoy each floor and even admire the architecture of the exterior.
  • Don’t go in a short time: an hour is not enough to visit all seven levels; it takes at least two hours.
  • Try to get a map of the museum: this way you will avoid missing something.

This museum deserves to be visited, we assure you that the experience will be amazing and you will want to come back thousands of times. There’s a reason this is such a popular attraction in Cleveland, so grab your camera and live the experience.

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