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Progressive Field

Progressive Field is an open-air baseball stadium located in the center of downtown Cleveland, Ohio. It is the second home field for the Cleveland Indians as well as, with Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, is part of the Gateway Sports & Entertainment Complex. Located within a five-mile radius, it is well-located and is one of the top-rated ballparks in Cleveland. For those of you looking to go to a Cleveland sports arena, Progressive Field is your best option.

This baseball arena has all the amenities one could desire in a baseball stadium. The concession stands are excellent; the overall view of the field is spectacular, and the field itself is perfect for baseball fans. With four levels, it is possible to find the perfect place for you, or even for a large group of people to play on a weekend.

On Saturday, the most popular game day at Progressive Field, and perhaps in Cleveland, are probably the home opener. The entire Cleveland Indians fan base, from the die-hard die-hards to those that live in Ohio, will flock to the ballpark in full force. For the home opener, there are a number of options available to those attending including the Indians “Wake-Up” game, in which a small group of players and coaches are given a brief speech by Cleveland Mayor Michael B. Coleman and Cleveland Cavs coach Larry Hughes, and then the Indians play the Texas Rangers at home.

If you wish to stay late and catch a Cleveland Indians home game, it may be possible to find parking at one of the park’s lots. In addition to parking, Progressive Field also features restrooms, concession stands, restaurants and bars. All of these are conveniently located close by.

Those visiting the ballpark on a budget will certainly want to consider purchasing an affordable rate ticket for their favorite game. Progressive Field offers a variety of tickets that can fit any budget. While the premium ticket is not cheap, the price of admission is worth it for the entertainment value and experience that you will receive.

Those who live or visit Cleveland should definitely check out Progressive Field. Whether you live or are visiting, you are sure to enjoy watching the Indians play and be part of a wonderful experience.

If you are looking for more information about Progressive Field and Cleveland Indians tickets, visit our website. There you will find all of the information that you need to make your day full and happy. Our ticket sales staff is friendly and helpful and is ready to help you with any questions that you may have.

The good thing about visiting a baseball stadium is that you get a chance to watch the game in person, watch as if you were there, and be part of it for very little money. If you’re a fan of baseball when you buy a ticket to Progressive Field, you will be able to do all of these things and much more which makes for a wonderful experience.

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