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Lake View Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the city of Cleveland on the outskirts of Circle University. This site is inspired by the historical cemeteries found in England and France, such as the most visited in Paris, the Montmartre Cemetery. It was founded by the city’s wealthy people, including Jeptha Wade, in the year 1869. Lake View It’s recognized for his different and original celestial figures stones that accompany the cemetery headstones. It is noting that Lake View has regular tours of the monuments of Los Angeles. It has an area of 285 acres, which houses about 102,000 graves. Even though recognized people from the country are buried in this park, anyone can access the facilities.

This park also has a community mausoleum which is near the Mayfield gate. Opened for the first time in 1990, this structure with a modern style has granite walls and a roof made of glass and steel, in the company of skylights it has individual and family rest areas and a large chapel for services.

In it lie the remains of Jeptha Wade, founder of this site and a contributor to the art museum of the city of Cleveland; Also rest the remains of an important New York figure, yes, we are talking about John D. Rockefeller, that his last wish was to be buried in his hometown, thus remembering his generous donations to the city, The structure of his tomb is the highest from this cemetery.

There are also the remains of Eliot Ness, recognized for his persecution and accusation of the gangster Al Capone; He was also in charge of public safety in the city in 1935, he ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Cleveland in 1947. Despite he lived in another city, when he died, one of his wishes was to be buried in Cleveland in Lake View Cemetery. The headstone is just a monument to Ness. Cleveland police officers sprinkled his ashes in this cemetery ponds, as part of Eliot’s final requests,

It is also the monument to the twentieth president of the country: James A. Garfield. The memorial is a 180-foot-tall cylinder-shaped devised by George Keller. This Monument can be visited every day from 9 a.m. at 4 p.m. Tours are scheduled on certain days of the year to answer questions about the construction of this structure.

In these facilities is the monument to Henry Chisholm, the founder of Cleveland Rolling Mills, what is found Cleveland’s south side. These factories specialized in the manufacture of iron and steel. His workers highly regarded Henry as a kind person and boss. His memorial in this place contains a dedication written by his workers, expressing what a good person he was to them. This in order to pay tribute and that everyone knew what he did for them. They are one of the many political leaders who reside in Lake View. Also includes people such as former city mayors, assistants, secretaries of state and senators of the country

This Cemetery opens its doors to the public every day from 7:30 a.m. at 5:30 p.m. This place also offers periodic events, such as ceremonies on specific days and historical walking tours.

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